So You're Having Twins! Virtual Baby Care Class

By Let Mommy Sleep. April 15, 2020

How do I get my twins on the same feeding and sleep schedule? What if they cry at the same time? 

Is it possible to feed my babies at the same time or should I stagger their feedings....what if I'm breastfeeding and don't produce enough for both newborns?

What do people mean when they talk about "gestational age" and how does being a preemie affect multiples? 

Top 6 Newborn and Postpartum Care Websites

By Let Mommy Sleep. April 8, 2020

Evidence-based websites can be hard to find, especially for expecting and new parents inundated with opinions and advice on "What's Best for Your Baby."  Add in our current public health situation where coronavirus news is constantly evolving, and parents can access thousands of websites with conflicting information.  Below are our Nurses favorite evidence-based sites for newborn and postpartum care to help parents separate baby care fact from fake news.