About Us - Chicago Baby Nurses:


What areas do you serve?

We serve Chicago including the counties of: Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake and Will. 

Who is on your team? How can I feel safe with them?

After an extensive interview, we require caregivers to have at a minimum: recent background checks, sparkling references, proof of all vaccinations including yearly flu shots, CPR and continuing education certificates. We also offer additional up to date training using the American Academy of Pediatrics training materials and our own materials which are recognized by private and government entities. You'll receive all of the potential caregivers information and can call or meet with them anytime.

Please read our covid19 and overall safety protocols here.

What happens during the night?

Our goal is for parents to only get out of bed if they want to. This means we:

  • diaper, feed, burp, soothe, swaddle, bathe and monitor your baby
  • provide evidence-based education to parents
  • give breast/bottle feeding support, clean pumps and bottles, prepare formula, bring baby to mom to nurse and give continuing education as needed
  • help babies get on a schedule and sleeping through the night...only if you want us to though, we do not push any "sleep training" and will not pressure you into any specifc method
  • help baby transition into the crib
  • leave parents with a calm environment so they can start the day happy!

What do I need to provide while the nurse is here?

Families need only provide whatever their child needs and a comfortable area for the Nurse/caregiver.  Water, formula, breastmilk, bottles, a nasal aspirator, access to diapers and whatever clothing or items you feel baby needs. We always appreciate a comfortable area to stay within arm's reach of baby. 

Can you help with my twins? How about triplets?

We LOVE multiples!  Our night nurses and Newborn Care Providers can easily handle all nighttime feeding, daily planning and helping to get the babies on the same schedule. 

What's the difference between an RN or a Newborn Care Provider? 

Our model of care is to have a Registered Nurse in on the first nights home with baby to continue the hospital level of care and education. Our goal is to minimize hospital readmissions by having an RN assess and assist with physical recuperation (suture care, montoring blood loss etc.), helping get breastfeeding established, mental health assessments for both parents and head to toe assessments of baby.  RN's are also available for families with medical situations where nursing care is appropriate. Having an RN in is a choice and may not be necessary for all families but the option is always there.

A Newborn Care Provider (NCP) is usually a licensed professional such as: a Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Medical Technician or Licensed Practical Nurse. This licensure means that our caregivers are accountable to their state’s Board of Nursing. An NCP is appropriate for non-medical and ongoing care. We do make exceptions in hiring non-licensed nannies who have years of experience caring for newborns and appropriate certifications. 

What licenses and insurance do you have?

We carry the maximum amount of insurance for the peace of mind of our families. We carry Workers Comp, Error and Ommissions and General Liability. 

It's important for families to know that there is no specific license to care for 1-4 babies so we hire clinically trained caregivers whenever we can. We also wrote a Newborn and Postpartum Care Course that was awarded a governement contract award. These classes are free to our workers. Our classes are now online and taught throughout the US.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! We also have a Sleep RegistryTM  which allows friends and family to donate hours of sleep.  

How can we connect on social media? And who is the owner of Let Mommy Sleep Chicago?

Join us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. We love learning your parenting tips and stories! The local Owner and Agency Director is mom of 2 and incredibly experienced entrepreneur, Erin Thomas Walker and yes, it's Erin who will most likely answer the phone when you call!